Tiny House Designs

As we begin our development plans for the SOUL Community, at the heart of everything is the desire to be able to provide housing for low-income couples and individuals and small families that can provide them with sustainable, obtainable and affordable housing options.

While Cherise is great at designing basic plans in Sketch-Up, she is not an architect. We are currently looking for a partner to take our designs and turn them into workable construction plans. In the mean time, we will continue to share our designs here.

The Construction Idea

We have carefully researched many details about our ideal construction plans. Below are some of the guidelines that will be used for each home in the complex, regardless of size.

  1. Houses will be designed as stationery living quarters (not on trailers but rather on slab foundations)
  2. 80% of all construction materials will come from reclaimed and sustainable sources
  3.  Each home will be set up for total “off grid” living, with a solar array, inverter and battery bank, as well as grey and black water systems, passive dual fuel appliances and low-impact wattage output appliances
  4. Exterior wall construction will consist of SIPS panels to provide optimal energy efficiency
  5. Finishes will be provided in low VOC paints and stains
  6. Construction budget for each home must remain under $90 per square foot


  1. The Honeymoon Suite
  2. The Vagabond Sister
  3.  The GLORIA Park Model