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Stop And Smell The… Paper Roses?

My paper rose, on a wooden skewer instead of a cotton swab.
My paper rose, on a wooden skewer instead of a cotton swab.

One of the things we both agreed to do when we got into our current tiny dwelling, was not bring anything into the house that doesn’t serve more than one purpose. So, we shop a lot of thrift stores and second hand stores looking for items that we need and can use, and of course, that can serve to purposes. I have to wonder though.. is this what my husband was thinking when he decided to purchase a partial ream of 100% recycled paper? The paper is a beautiful thickness and while I have used some of it for writing and drawing, I found a tutorial late last night that is the perfect fit for this paper – paper roses!

I did adapt my own pattern a bit. I cut 10 sheets of petals, with three different sizes rather than using the folded method shown in the video. I also added a a row of five, large outer petals to give the rose a bit more body and fullness. I think I’m going to be using them for a wreath I’m working on to hang on our door for the holidays. I’m making all of our ornaments this year and may end up making the tree its self!

Anyway.. My version is pictured here and the link to the video is below. Enjoy 🙂


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