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Future Tense

When my beloved Toshiba finally bit the dust back in November, I was so distraught. Not just because I was loosing something that had been a part of my daily life for more than 8 years but because I knew I couldn’t afford to replace it. I have an amazing friend who said “HEY! I’ve got my old laptop. Its old but you’re welcome to it if it still works.” I was never so grateful for anything in my entire life! Isn’t it funny how I went from being completely computer-phobic back in the late 80’s and early 90’s to being completely computer-reliant today? But the truth is, almost everything we do these days is tied to technology – from banking to communicating and more.

The laptop my friend brought me is a 2003 Dell Inspiron. Its a great computer, with only one kvetch – for some reason, it will not upgrade past Windows Vista :(. Woe is me. I can’t use my Adobe right now – that I continue to pay for every month or else will end up paying a $290 early withdrawal penalty for, and I can’t use a lot of my other programs that I use for my own design and writing work as well. Learning workarounds has been hard and in some cases, I’ve just had to let it go.  But, now that I have a job and we’re getting on even footings, I was able to go put  a computer on Lay-away and my goal is to have it out and upgraded to Windows 10 before the free upgrade expires on July 29th.

Once we do that, I’ll completely format this one and do a clean install of at least Windows 7 if not higher, so Rob can finally have his own computer! I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to start on our house either. We’d come up with a basic design, but after looking at some homes for sale this weekend (modular homes), I want to do some rearranging in the kitchen. We still want to keep it under 600 square feet, but I’d like to have more optimized storage for things that we’ll be using a lot and that will help us in our ministry – mainly, food and household items.

The idea with SOUL is to be able to help others that have been in our situations to find help to get them on their feet. Part of that is helping people have a comfortable and functional place to live.

We plan to start with our own plot of land, where we’ll not only build our tiny house but will have gardens and a bit of livestock (we’ve decided on a few pigs, a few goats for milk, some chickens and maybe a cow, though we’re not sure about that yet). From that, we’ll purchase adjoining land as we can, to build a series of tiny homes for our first “clients” (I don’t like that word but at this point I don’t know what else to call them LOL)

Our goal is to build a true community – not only with housing but with places where people can be employed like a fresh food market, a restaurant, gallery and furnishings and home good store filled with handmade, upcycled items. Lofty goals? Perhaps, but GOD is all powerful and will provide. I have faith in this. He’s already moving so greatly in our lives that NOT seeing HIS work is impossible.

Prime example? I answered an add on Craigslist for a woman who said she just needed a friend. I’ve been in those situations, and still am sometimes, and I prayed before I replied. I told her in my first email that I’d “try this” but that I’d been scammed before and was very leerie of even responding, but felt that I needed to at least try. Now, my new friend and I have daily talks about God and the power of his love in our lives. And we have so much in common! We both love crafting and canning and cooking and she wants to have a tiny home too but just can’t see a way to start. I totally understand where she is because its exactly – almost verbatim – where I was just three short months ago! When we want something so badly, and we’re in desperate circumstances – waiting can be excruciating. I get up every morning and spend time in the Word and have to remind myself that God’s plan is at work and its not about MY need to rush things but about HIS desire to mold me to be what I need to be to carry out the work He has set aside for me. That helps me so much! It keeps me out of  the impatience of my own mind and puts my feet firmly on HIS ground.

I don’t go through every day overflowing with joy and dancing and singing, though I probably should. I have days that make me want to scream, like yesterday and dealing with a man cursing at me on the phone and another just being plain rude and costing me a huge sale because he couldn’t wait for me to read the legalities we have to read to do our job. I got my feathers ruffled a bit, but I took a small break and just said a prayer and it all turned out good in the end.

I also talked last night with one of my supervisors about moving up with the company. I love what I do but I want to be able to use the skills and talents in marketing, design and social media skills that I’ve developed over the years – but only if that’s God’s intention for me.

When last night was done, we got to come home to a good pot of 15 Bean Soup with Sausage cooked in our tiny crockpot! LOL I get so tickled at how for us, this small meal was such a huge feast! God is so good!


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