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I Got The Job AND A Way To Tithe!

Normally, I would not be excited about this news. Normally, I would see it as the defeat I’ve been trying to avoid – going from being a freelance designer, writer and blogger to be employed by “the man”. Normally.

But if I’ve been shown anything in the past month its that there is no such thing as “normal” because stuff always changes. And I’m perfectly okay with that.

I posted a few days ago about being frustrated when looking for work. I was so distraught and sad. But, I persevered and within a few hours of filling out 1 last application, I got an interview! I wasn’t even upset that I had to leave an hour early, in the heat and ride the bus. I actually found a cool thrift store and made some new connections for materials and supplies for our future homestead, right next door to where I’ll be working.

I was very nervous during the interview process, at first. I don’t know why I kept thinking I was going to do poorly. The job its self is actually very easy – we make hotel reservations. However, the keyboard is something its going to take a minute to get used to. During the “role play” moch sale with the interviewer, I kept hitting the wrong keys. Largely because I’m used to a laptop keyboard and theirs are desktop units. But, It won’t take any amount of time to get used to that! So, I start Monday for training. Three days of daytime shift for training and then start my full-time evening shift. I don’t care what shift as long as its a shift.

The interviewer asked me, “What hours are you available for work?” and I couldn’t help myself but to say “What hours are you open?”

I try not to sound desperate, but the truth is, I am! We are.

But, and this is a big but – I am trying my best to go by faith.

Once I out of the interview, I thanked God for the opportunity.  It is a very good one and if I stay on top of my game, once I learn the job, and consistently hit my goals, I could do a lot of damage to the budget we’ve given ourselves to save over the next two years. Also very important is the fact that Rob has applied there as well and will probably be called for an interview today. He likes where he is but the sales goals are impossible to meet as it is outbound cold calls. And his job depends on call volume plus successful billings. The job I will be doing actually succeeds with smaller call volume, and is inbound with people who already know what they want and are just calling to finalize the sale. I love that part. One of the reasons I’d not applied to a call center before was because I am not comfortable trying to push people into buying things they do not need or want, and I am  most certainly not comfortable being so pushy that they practically get mad and hang up on you. I’ve been on the receiving end of those calls and it doesn’t feel good.

Remember the thrift store I mentioned? Well, there is another answer to a prayer. Not about shopping for future homestead goods, but about tithing.

The shop is a non-profit organization for teens. They take donations. They need donations. I need a way to tithe since Rob and I do not attend or belong to any particular church. I’ll discuss that in a different post. But, I have been praying about a way to tithe where I know that the money will be used for what God intends it to be used for. And, just by sheer grace, I was given one right as I’m given the opportunity to work. BAM! My God is miraculous!

We still haven’t found housing, and we’ve been going through and sorting out what we can take, what we’ll be putting in a storage facility and what we’ll be getting rid of. But I’m not afraid. I actually feel quite calm and reserved and okay. Its weird. But its a blessing and I know that and I’m grateful. Whatever happens will be God’s will and there will be a reason for it, and while my human heart may not get it, my spirit will remind me of this.


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